The Coming Posts!

PhysicsFest 2012!

If you’re in the Williamsburg area it would be a crime to miss the annual open house held by the Physics Department. PhysicsFest hosts lab tours, demos, student poster sessions, and the much-beloved and ever-present liquid nitrogen ice cream (we’re quite the connoisseurs of it by now). I’ll have the full write-up with pictures, interviews, and maybe even a video- I’ve got my sights set on recording the hovercraft (yes, hovercraft) demonstration.

The Month in Science Days

October boasts two significant days to the science community; one is, well, today! Mole Day (after Avogadro’s number, 6×10^23- 10/23, get it?) is a celebration of science used to get kids interested in chemistry and physics, often celebrated with the creation of cute little stuffed moles (make your own with this pattern, they’re easy). Another one, more personal to the college, William Small’s birthday. Been wondering about that heading of mine, “A Small Scientist”? Well, it’s because of him and how his name was given to William and Mary’s physics department!

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