Upcoming Posts!

This week an article will be posted Thursday rather than Tuesday, as there will be no article next week. More importantly, it will be a particularly special post: a liveblog! William and Mary’s Astronomy Club (currently an offshoot of the Society of Physics Students) will be hosting their first Stargazing Night this Thursday, and this blog will be updating a post throughout the night with pictures and live accounts of what’s going on at the event. If you can’t make it out, you can still experience it in part right here!

Also in the works is an interview with artist Jim Sanborn, a fascinating artist who utilizes scientific (specifically physics) themes in his artwork, covering topics from the Manhattan Project’s trinity test, radioactivity, cryptography and implied geometries. His techniques are just as intriguing and remarkably scientific, causing his work to demonstrate how science and art are nowhere near as separated as one might think.

Another idea being toyed with is looking into the benefits of lab studies utilizing animals. Recently there’s been some questioning into whether or not animal experiments actually provide any information of what will actually happen in humans. As so many clinical trials are first carried out utilizing lab rats, this is a pretty significant claim to make! To look into this, I’ll talk with some of the labs on campus in the biology and psychology department to see how they utilize lab animals and what information they glean from them, as well as what their thoughts on these claims themselves are. (My money’s on the good old standby of ‘every case is different, and one failure does not invalidate other successes’, but hey, biology and psychology definitely aren’t my area of expertise!)

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