Two Ideas, One Future Post

While every Tuesday from here on out will have a full blog post, every Monday I’ll post up two different post ideas. One will go on to be the full blog post the following Tuesday, full of glory, images, and maybe even interviews; the other will remain just as a sidenote, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting!

Newton’s Apples and Einstein’s Begonias

Both famous physics have connections to distinct flora, but for rather different reasons and at different degrees of historical accuracy (in short, one is more of a cute over-inflated coincidence while the other is positively factual). The flora in question, however- specifically an apple tree and a particular strain of begonias -continue to this day and are gradually making their way around the globe… or at least around a community. So, where can one go to sit under a tree descended from Newton’s  apple tree of legend, or what does a begonia descended from the ones cultivated by Einstein look like? Come back in a week to find out!

What is that thing in the lobby of Small Hall?

The College of William and Mary’s physics building, Small Hall (after which this blog takes its title!) has a large, rather impressive looking piece of historical scientific equipment on display in its lobby. The question is, however, what exactly is that weird looking thing and what did it once do? The answer is an electrostatic charge generator, and it’s long held a special place in the history of the department.